REC Reopening?

Has anyone heard or know of any info on when the REC will reopen for testing? I know there’s an extension for this letters to test, but I’d like to test before going back out to sea.

I’d like to know as well. An extension on my test letter is great but doesn’t help if the extension expires as well… they need to get moving again.

Yup, just received my 180 day notice for testing. Kinda frustrating seeing places open back up but no plan being put out by USCG. I might be wrong but testing is about the only thing that is really required for the REC to be around for. In this day and age almost all applications for everything, save maybe TWIC and originals(?) can be done electronically.

More time than not over the last 10 years, i would usually be the only one testing when i was upgrading. LA/LB is my home port too which by reputation is a ‘busy’ REC.

I would hope testing could start again but have no more than two in the room at a time for ‘safe’ social distancing? Ok. How about only one? Yeah i know, it would create a bigger burden for testers making their schedules work, but its better than nothing.

3 months, 0 information. I’m sure there are a few hundred mariners waiting on testing out there, but the folks that service our licenses don’t seem to consider it a priority to keep us in the loop.

When they finish their coffee and have check their Facebook etc. it is already lunch time.
Who wants to work hard after a heavy, leisurely and lengthy lunch?
When the effect of lunch wear of it is time to get ready to go home.
Why do today what you can postponed until tomorrow?

PS> Not applying ONLY to civil servants in the US, but may also apply. (??)

It’s just amazing isn’t it? 3 months, nothing, no alternate testing plans, no information on possible future dates, no plan at all to adapt to the new reality of a worldwide COVID epidemic, just shut her down, lights out, forget about it. Thanks USCG!


We’re now approaching 4 months of REC closure with mariners unable to test and zero information being provided regarding any re-opening dates, measures being taken to re-open, or alternatives. Licenses expiring through 9/30/20 were extended to 12/31/20, yet licenses expiring in Oct, Nov, Dec still expire on the original date.

This is totally unacceptable given that mariners are risking their own health and the health of their families while continuing to work on vessels during COVID. If you are affected by this, please take the time to contact your local congressperson.


I’ve reached out to all my federal elected officials and q house subcommittee responsible for the CG. Reached out to union representative and school. Also have asked a friend that works at CG HQ to see what he can find out and was stonewalled as well.

More people making noise the better at this point.

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Yes, it’s great to see an update today! Hopefully we can move forward somewhat quickly with a limited reopening schedule.

Haven’t heard anything — would love to test -ready for my 500 ton …Virginia online chat says they have no info -to check online - Nobody can give me a straight answer – wow what a surprise-massive amount of stress to keep studying --8 months of hard work of studying away from family and can’t test very stressful.

I am as just as frustrated. I have been studying for four months longer then I wanted too - it’s affected my life - No one will understand that except you guys- I have Been told the same - No info at all… Really sad . I have emailed peter king - NY congressman- he receives over 1000 emails a day , so I doubt mine will even be read. I had a date set in April and didn’t even receive an email that it will be canceled . It’s unbelievable that ALL REC centers are closed for this long - these people can’t figure out a way to safely test. Tables are 6 feet apart already … my blood pressure is rising - and rising -

Not too hard to figure out…just open the damn REC’s and require a face mask and health screening…that doesn’t take weeks of preparation and planning…

It IS frustrating. The only solution for now is to continue to study as time permits so that we can be ready to test ASAP if any of the RECs open.

The USCG wants to close the RECs anyway. They are glad to have an excuse.

So what are we doing for renewals now, I know about the extensions but if I have everything where do we mail, or email to?

RECs, just like usual.

REC closure going on 5 months now … I absolutely cannot fathom in my brain how the USCG cannot figure out how to test safely. WEAR A MASK ,TAKE TEMP,TEST FEW PEOPLE AT A TIME ,ITS NOT BRAIN SURGERY.DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY INSIDE INFO ???


I don’t, and that’s horrible. I tested right before the closure and I feel for you. I know some schools give the exam at the school although I’ve always tested at the REC. Have you talked to any schools to see if you could test there?