BRM renewal, huh?

Getting ready to renew my Mate Towing/3M AGT - oceans. I know the renewal requirements in 46 CFR 10.227, including the Radar/ARPA refresher test, proof of recency, etc. But I’ve been told by two coworkers that BRM is also required to be renewed, and this is the first I’ve ever heard of it and have yet to discover any documentation requiring it.

Mr. Cavo (not to intentionally throw him under the bus) writes in another post of BRM being training (for OICNW, which I have) not an endorsement, so that seems to squash the issue right there. Correct? Would this otherwise be required with another license? Would “acting as a pilot” under 46 CFR 15.812 have any effect on this?

Thanks. I apologize if there is a blatantly obvious answer under my nose.

I just upgraded and renewed at the same time and did not need to submit anything other than sea time and a physical. The expiration date of your radar observer is no longer listed on your license so I do not believe the USCG wants to even see your radar renewal certificate. You are required to have the certificate “readily available” and therefore I recommend carrying it with you and making sure your company has a copy that they could fax somewhere if necessary (I read in one manual our company has out that providing it within 48 hours is sufficient but I expect it would be much simpler to just have it with you).

46 CFR 15.815 (d)
“Each person who is required to hold a radar endorsement must have their certificate of training readily available to demonstrate that the endorsement is still valid.”

yeah im starting to think this is just a company requirement that got misconstrued by some.

Thats interesting about the radar exp, didnt notice that until now. Already have to carry around a binder for my recency log and annual physical anyhow, might as well throw the Radar cert in that thing. Another piece of paper, what else is new.

I have seen talk of refresher training in many areas, including BRM but it is not currently a a requirement. If IMO/USCG follow through there will be much “refresher” training.
I recently had to do BST refresher due to the fact that I spent so much time inland.

It would be annoying but I would not be totally opposed to a refresher, as long as it was condensed. Like, one OICNW refresher that included radar, ARPA, ECDIS, BRM, GMDSS, etc all into 3 to 5 days or so. (Get it all done at once.) There is a lot of stuff that advances and changes that people never get trained to do because they took that course 15 years ago…

BRM does not have to be renewed.