RADAR renewal change updates?


I recently renewed my license before the expiration of my RADAR Observer Unlimited (14 December 2018) due to timing and financial reasons. Thus, my renewed MMC does not have RADAR Observer Unlimited.

Now that I have money and time, can I take a renewal/revalidation class to regain my original endorsement?

I read last year about eliminating RADAR endorsement expiry altogether, but I’m not sure what the latest is. Any news?


You can restore the endorsement at any time by taking the course. But, at present, you will need to apply to NMC and get it added back into your MMC. Current regulations require you to hold the endorsement (have it in your MMC) to be valid for a vessel required to have radar observers. See 46 CFR 15.815.The ruklemaking to change renewal requirements on hold during the shutdown of the DHS and Coast Guard. Most if not all of the personnel involved are furloughed.


Will I need to retake the entire course or is there a grace period for revalidating a lapsed endorsement with a recertification course? Mine has only lapsed by ~1 month.


No grace period, you can take the recertification or refresher course any time, as long as you previously held the endorsement.


Thank you for your prompt reply. I re-read your replies to other people’s version of this question from 2013, but needed clarification.

Whomever you are, jdcavo, you’re doing us all a great service by being so incredibly helpful. Thanks again.