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New to GCaptain. Not sure this is the correct forum. The question is a 2nd mate on the ship I’m on looked up a 3rd mates medical cert status and printed out the information that the 3rd mate at home medical certificate has been mailed. The 3rd mate at home does not even know he did this. The 2nd mate printed the information and handed it to the 3rd mate onboard. Is this legal? I’m new to this forum and would appreciate any feed back and any suggestions on this. I’m just curious as if this is allowed that someone could get on the Website and print your information. Please help.

If you have a last name and MRN its publicly available, As is your license. Is that what you’re asking about? They went on homeport and looked the guy up?

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Yes they looked the guy up printed that it was mailed and the guy doesn’t know they did it. It wasn’t a company it was a 2nd mate looking into other peoples business. The printing the paper with the notification that the medical card was mailed and showing it to another person seems strang to me.

Why does it seems strange? Sounds like he was helping the guy out showing that he has a valid medical cert in the mail.

It’s literally the business of the vessel Master
and/or whoever he delegates to confirm all Mariners embarking have their documents and all are current.

The information is publicly available for prospective, current employers or anyone with your MRN and last name to see, free of charge.

There’s no reason why this shouldn’t include using a public tool (designed for that exact purpose) to obtain that information.

People get so butthurt over the simplest thing these days I swear.


I’m just asking the question that some random guy looks into someone else’s business and prints something that has nothing to do with him or the person he printed it for. The person who’s information was printed doesn’t even know it was done. It just doesn’t seem right to me but I figured on this forum guys had more experience than me and would know more about this subject.

A little strange maybe, but not illegal. Theres no real personal information on the med cert. I mean, your GMDSS licenses hanging up on the bridge has more personal information on it than a med cert.

Nothing is stopping me from printing a diplay copy of your license and hanging it on my wall. Its publicly available. Thats kinda how licenses work in most fields.

It sounds like it was about the 3M who’s off the ship not the guy currently onboard. So he looked up the current 3M’s relief to prove that yes, his new med cert is coming so he’ll make crew change and the guy currently onboard won’t get stuck onboard.


Or, dont let your releif give you any shit about not being able to make crew change, see here his med cert was printed.

But yes, sounds like just putting the 3rd mate on board at ease.


Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I new someone could give my a good answer. To all I do enjoy reading your comments.

If that makes you uncomfortable, just wait till you’re sailing with a Captain that thinks he’s a junior NCIS agent and constantly snoops the crew’s social media because… “OPSEC.” :roll_eyes:

But yeah, any responsible Captain is going to be checking the validity of everyone’s documents, either when folks come on board, or before they leave home if they can get the info. If they’ve sailed in some sketchy places they’re probably gonna be checking for counterfeits too.

As for the rest of the crew, yeah, it happens, but there’s no PII really available from the public database from NMC, just the issue and expiration dates. I’d probably check on my relief too if I knew they were bad about keeping up with it.

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I’m not certain if they would apply, especially regarding maritime stuff, but you have to be careful HIPAA violations do not occur. As a hospice and at one time hospital chaplain, HIPAA regs were drilled into. You just have to be careful no “medical information” does not get printed.

I’ve dealt with that one before from a crewmember throwing a fit when we did an illness report on him and he was pulled from the vessel by the office… It doesn’t apply under 45CFR164.104

From the Department of Health and Human Services:
“The HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and other individually identifiable health information (collectively defined as “protected health information”) and applies to health plans, health care clearinghouses, and those health care providers that conduct certain health care transactions electronically.

Also whatever is available on the Homeport website has nothing to do with anything medically. All it says is what date your med cert expires.

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Apparently, there are a surprisingly large number of guys sailing with expired Med Certs.

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Yeah, I’ve got two guys on the other crew praying that they get theirs by the next crew change. Both of them have been waiting about three months now.

In the tugboat realm, there is a lot of confusion about which date on the Med Cert applies.

There are three different Med Cert expiration dates:

STCW - 2 years
National - 5 years
Pilot - 5 years

If you asked a few different USCG officers at the local OMCI, which date applies, I bet you’d get a lot of different answers.

It’s 2 years for pilot not 5.

It’s 5 years for pilot. They changed it.

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They haven’t updated the website then. I’m looking at mine and it says 2 years