Maritime Graduate Opportunity in New York

Graduate opportunity with a leading international shipping company…

A world leading shipping company is looking for a recent maritime graduate to join their team in the north east of the USA. This award winning organisation is looking for a Superintendent to be based in New York, to oversee the operations and management of one of their terminals.

The position will involve managing the stevedoring activities, working closely with terminal management and managing the cargo operations, such as working with customers with cargo concerns and preparing reports.

This is an excellent opportunity for a graduate in the maritime industry to join a world renowned shipping company. As a graduate, this opportunity is a great step forward in your maritime career. This company is dedicated to providing the very best work environment for its staff, with award-winning results, and offers competitive advantages throughout your journey within the organisation, whether it’s the excellent salary, your opportunity for growth, or its family-orientated benefits.


So how are they supposed to apply for this job? There’s no contact info.

[QUOTE=Rich Bogad;128527]So how are they supposed to apply for this job? There’s no contact info.[/QUOTE]

Probably some douche-bag from Turdwater Marine trying to get people to go to Nigeria again…

Its probably $35k a year agent or terminal job. Beat it bozo. No sailing experience required is a great way to ensure a strong industry. One year sailing experience required would help the business. No point in it being an academy grad if not.

This add should read, we’ve taken a note out of bouchards book, and want to hire someone for our office with no experience other than at throgs neck so we can pay them shit and fire them next year for not having enough experience.

This is a position for a recent grad who wants to start a career in operations and to build a career with a leading shipping company. On offer is an extremely competitive salary with an excellent benefit package.

If you would like more information, please email me at

First off you should be posting jobs here in accordance with their policy’s for doing so (pretty sure the other recruiters don’t get freebies), and second post some info rather than be vague or we will be forced to ridicule your anonymity.

All legitimate job postings, free or not, are in the long run good for us and for gcaptain. Today’s freeloader trying it out becomes tomorrows paying customer.