Master program in international transportation and management

Hello everyone , am interested to apply for a master program in international transportation management at SUNY maritime college , knowing that I have an experience as an unlimited 3rd mate for 4 years mostly on board tankers (LNG carrier)
1-want to know how someone who already has a seagoing experience can be the perfect candidate for this program ?
2-after graduation , is sailing experience a plus for the career ?

thank you for your time

The program is basically designed to help Mariners transition to shoreside careers. Unless you barely got through undergrad or can’t write an essay you’ll get in.

Second, you’ll be well positioned to find shoreside employment with a tanker operator/ brokerage thanks to your experience. Look in the Norwalk/ Stamford area of CT, and Houston, TX. Bunch of cake jobs up for grabs.

IMHO, you would be much better off going to the best name brand MBA program that you can get into.

In any management program, half of the program will be graduate 501 level introductory courses in accounting, finance, marketing, HR, managerial economics, operations research, etc. (courses like managerial econ and operations research require calculus, as do some finance courses).

An MBA is well understood by employers and has more value in the managerial job market than a MS. Even though, there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two degrees.

The perceived quality of the school and the size of its alumni base are very important factors. A MBA from a top 25 school like Harvard or NYU is many times more valuable than a MBA from a backwater school.

You already have maritime covered with your undergrad degree and work experience.

You can probably get a pretty good shoreside managerial job with a NYC/Stamford area shipping company right now.

Would an MS from SUNY be an advantage? Sure, but not as much as you think. Would it be worth two years of lost income and tuition? I doubt it.

The customary MBA track is undergrad, two or three years of managerial work experience, and then grad school.

You might consider getting a managerial job with a shipping company now, and doing an Executive MBA program at night.

I wouldn’t disagree with that. Certainly something to consider instead.

I’ll second this, but add more to it and say the masters at SUNY would just be a waste of time and money and it won’t add anything to your CV that you don’t already have.

Nobody hiring would care, and it’s not going to get you in the door to any of the high paying places. If you want to play the corporate game, the MBA from a prestigious school will tick the box much better than some fancy sounding program from a state school most likely taught by teachers that never worked in business.

Also, there are some employers with tuition reimbursement programs that will essentially pay your way through an evening MBA program, of which there are a number of very good choices. I did this back in late 90s / early 00s at Babson College. Boston had the advantage of being home to some excellent grad schools.

Great program if you don’t already have a license but want one in addition to a masters degree…

Hasn’t helped me out one bit, then again all I do is sail. For what my plans are outside the industry I don’t think it will be of much use anyway.