Shoreside Job Opportunities in Tug/Barge Industry

Hey everyone, I am a fairly recent SUNY grad, I am looking primarily for a shoreside job in the tug and barge industry. I am open to relocating to anywhere around NY Harbor, Great Lakes, Gulf Coast. Pretty much open to just about any position there is. Was wondering if anyone knows of what would be a good route to go to get my foot in the door at a solid company.

What was your degree in?

Sail on your license for a bit, will give you a better understanding of what is the job you are seekin, It ain’t easy… Not trying to deter you by any means. Glad you got through Suny. Get your hands dirty first. A good goal, but many grads and hawespipers are out there seeking that same scenario. They are not as green as you. Pay your dues first sir. Good things will happen later on.

International Transportation/Trade

Didn’t go to school for license.

All these companies are just like any other business. Need BDR, sales, accountants, hr, it, etc. depending on degree and training, safety/compliance is a good route. Otherwise, dispatch/crewing or business development might be a good place to start. Most tug/barge offices are pretty small though, so you may wanna cast a larger net to include other sectors in the maritime world…

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Wasn’t aware of that. All I can say is be persistant, and as ReformedSailor mentioned, cast a larger net.

You can give these people a call, send them your CV,

Best bet is the SUNY careers/placement office. Get something in the business, anything, really and grab it. The market is super competitive for these type of entry level positions, you don’t even really get to choose what segment of the market you’re in. Another idea is go for Bouchard Transportation if they’re hiring and you’re in the NYC area. That’s solid experience.

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May want to take a look at the container industry as well… Son majored in Logistics/Intermodal transportation. An unfortunate medical condition cut his sailing career short. Worked as a port agent until he got an ops job in a major East Coast container port. There are quite a few KP, Suny and others as his work partners/bosses.They are constantly expanding at many of the ports. He is home almost every night. Worth a look, and yes, As Oakley stated, If you haven’t already,check with Suny placement/careers office.

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Pretty cool, I’ve always wondered what the best route is to get going with one of the larger ports. Seems like a great shoreside job for anyone interested in having a finger on the pulse of the maritime world. Curious, is your son still doing that?

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Yes, Reformed Sailor, for a few years now. He is out for now on Naval Reserve training as a Lieutenant honoring his commission requirements from KP… His job is being held until he gets back in about 6 months. The port of Va likes these cats. His last tour with Navy was vetting SSO requirements/compliance in Tennessee headquarters of all places… He is now in weather forecasting at NAS. I don’t envy him in that spot. They just got four giant ass cranes at PIT, they are busy ,busy. That’s why I suggested to the OP to take a look at another source of maritime employment than tugs and barges, my lifeblood for many years, I wish him well, he has some tools to sell. Won’t get rich at first, but upside can be rewarding.