SUNY MS (Non License Option)

I’ve read through a bunch of the old threads, but I’m looking for some updated advice. Currently working on tugs, have hawespiped as far as I think I want to go and while I love what I do, I’m considering a shoreside transition in the next few years for personal reasons. I’d like to stay working in the maritime world and am considering going back for a Graduate Degree. Wondering if anyone has done the SUNY program w/out license and wondering if their career trajectory benefited from the program? Big advantages I see are network, cost (cheaper than most MBA programs) and more industry specific. I’d be doing the program online, so anyone have strong opinions either way on the degree and its value? My wife did an executive MBA program a few years ago and the time commitment was significantly more than what was advertised, so is enrolling in the online program feasible while still working equal time? Thanks in advance!

One of the senior VPs at my company has the SUNY master’s degree as his highest earned degree. He also worked for this company for decades, starting out driving boats, so I can’t tell you how much his advancement is related to the degree. It depends on where you want to go and what you want to do shoreside, but I hear the SUNY program is great for networking in the NY Metro area in the shipping industry if you don’t have connections yet. I’m considering it myself, maybe next year, and weighing it vs other schools.

I know two people who did unlicensed program at SUNY. One is working for USACE as a marine biologist but the other one ended up as a deckhand after short stint with some truck company.
Nevertheless, personally I believe that education is very important and the higher degree you get is the better. And of course networking, SUNY does that! NY harbour is huge but at the same time so small)))

Thanks for the response and perspective. Are you looking at other maritime related programs? Or traditional MBAs?

I’m considering it vs MS Degrees in other fields, MBA doesn’t really interest me.

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The degree is worth it. All the graduates go out and do well. Some do so well you never hear from them again. You only see their name on linked in and web articles once in awhile.