Looking For Talent - Are You The Next Reality TV Star?

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An independent producer of [reality television](…/…/…/…/blog/tag/television/" title="Maritime Reality Television) shows, has asked our help in posting a small job opening they have on the books. In an email to gCaptain, producer Fred Grinstein writes:
Tiger Aspect Productions is developing a series on maritime ships and vessels for a major US cable network, and we’re in search of diehard seamen who might host our new series.
The ideal candidate would be a credible “insider”, think Discovery’s “Future Weapons”, or History Channel’s “Tougher in Alaska”. It’s not necessarily a veteran historian we’re looking for, but rather a true passionate fanatic of ships and the maritime world that can help communicate this passion to our audience. We’re looking for someone the viewer can connect with as the “real-deal”, someone with real-world maritime experience - i.e. a former captain from a naval fleet, or freight cargo ship, or a tugboat operator. The ideal candidate is a male, aged early 30’s to 40’s, though we’re open to people who don’t necessarily fit this mold.

The show is in development, but the concept is to travel around the country/ world and get up close and personal with the past, present, and future of ships. From ice breakers in the Arctic to the biggest cruise liners sailing the Caribbean, from oil tankers cruising the Persian Gulf, to fishing vessels pulling pots out of the ocean.
Are you a “diehard seamen” with knowledge of a diverse selection of ocean going vessels? If so send a recent photo, a note about yourself and your passion for the marine industry to: Fred Grinstein or visit them in person at The Pacific Marine Expo, Booth # 446!
We know our readers are the most dedicated ship enthusiasts on the planet, hopefully we will see one of you on the TV one day soon!

Capt. Lee,
What do you think? I think you should give it a shot…you’ll even have a personal make-up artist! They could even make it a comedy with your speech impediment.

Or NOT!!!

I love working on Boats, but I am far from a historian or enthusiast. Now “YOU” on the other hand have been referred to as a “LEGEND” or “COMMANDER” within your company by everyone from the green OS to seasoned Captain. HR wanted to do a success story on you for the company newsletter. Remember when the cameras start flashing. Smile…You’re a TIGER.

A living legend? Anchorman ,would it be too much trouble to get your autograph.?

I am not talking in his own mind either. I am serious. I was at the training center and overheard a conversation in progress where it was said…Anchorman, that dude is a LEGEND! <strong>Serious!</strong>

Lengend, master… commander even. Sure you guys have the talent and personality of stars but your lacking media experience. I, on the other hand, happen to already be the star talent of the world’s least successfull podcast for mariners AND tiger productions said flat out: “John, you sure got a face for radio!”. They sounded like they ment it too!
Ahhh but you don’t have to take my word for it, here’s my audition tape:

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I got this one in the bag

Capt. Lee you should send them a copy of that Christmas Card you posted. They’d hire you all, even the doggy!

What tape?

I ment video. It’s embedded in the message but I did forget most companies strip embedded media from shipboard internet connections. Here’s the direct link to bookmark for when you get shoreside: http://www.vimeo.com/2227789

Marlon Brondo, on the waterfront… LOL, at 2:31as soon as you mention the engineers, bells ring in the background. Either there’s an engine alarm or you have an old rotary phone in your vehicle. Lucky we got day jobs huh John?

That’s the work of the special FX guru I hired for the production. We are a high budget operation here at gCaptain :wink:
Truthfully, next time I’m going to write a script first.

I fiddled with my settings and was able to view it. Nice job improvising!