Casting For TV Series - Seeking Experienced Treasure Hunters

[I]Casting for outgoing deep sea diving and passionate treasure hunters!!! Do you eat, breath and sleep uncovering mysteries of the past? Are you a charismatic, entertaining, outgoing individual, family or business that would make for a great national television show???!!![/I]

[li]Are you a passionate treasure hunter pursuing your own excavations?[/li][li]Do you consider yourself the [I]Deadliest Catch[/I] of the treasure hunting industry?[/li][li]Are you knowledgeable about the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle?[/li][/ul]

A Los Angeles based TV production company is currently casting charismatic individuals/friends/communities/colleagues/families for a new reality show. If you are a passionate treasure hunting expert willing to uncover mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, THEN WE WANT YOU!

To be considered for the project, please email a photograph of yourself, a brief bio, and a short description of your relevant experience to [B][/B].

Not right for this project, but know somebody who is? We respectfully request that you[B] share and forward this information[/B] to any individuals who may be interested in this project.

[QUOTE=JenPassovoy;132902]THEN WE WANT YOU![/QUOTE]


So you want characters eh? Well, I am often quite the character here at gCaptain, Just ask my shipmates how colorful I can be. Especially my language and occasional gestures like this one…

so if you don’t want to make me the next rich and famous redneck cable “reality” sensation then [B]PLEASE JUST GO THE FUCK AWAY YOU HUMAN PARAQUAT![/B]


Wouldn’t this be something to put on your resume!

That’s it I’m doin it, I wanna be a celebrity.

Is heading to the Gulf looking for a job considered treasure hunting.

I treasure hunt at the Dollar General Store. Does that qualify me for the show?