Hey all. I am the VP of Development for a TV Production Company based in NY and LA. We are casting a crew of commercial divers and ship captains to go on an adventure searching for the Lost Treasure of Lima off the coast of South America. THIS IS REAL. We already have the TV Network on board and we have the actual map to the treasure. We have archeologists and divers already cast. What I’m looking for now are boat captains.

We need an older male captain that is rough and tough, salty and preferably with tattoos and white hair. If this does not exactly apply to you, I’d like to hear from you anyway. We’ve got a team of young divers already cast, but the Network would like a mentor/father figure to watch over these hooligans. Is that you? I hope so. I don’t really care how big of a ship you can pilot, if you have a license to pilot even a tug I want to hear from you.

We don’t know when the shoot dates are yet, but it will be quite a while away. It is an 8 week commitment. There is pay.

Please email me ASAP as I need to cast this person by next week.

Hope to hear from you salty dogs soon!