Looking for Employment for TUG/Tow Boat for a Cook

Hey yall am looking to get on a Tug/Tow boat has a cook. I have My TWIC,MMD, T-HUET,SAFEGULF,PASSPORT. COULD YALL GIVE ME ANY SUGGESTIONS, WHO’S HIRING??

Edison Chouest is hiring cooks right now. 28 on/14 off.

I have everything but my STCW-95 you think they would hire me without that?

Yes. I believe that ECO runs everyone through STCW-95 BT as part of the orientation training, even if they already have the STCW-95certification.

A Servsafe food handler course might help you find a job.

Okay I had went to put in a application with them and I don’t see one on the website how can I put a application in… I have my TWIC card, Safegulf, T-Huet and Personnal Swing Basket,Passport MMD all on hand.

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Okay https://www.servsafe.com/home do I need to but this also is what you saying in what State La??

The only way to get a job at most Louisiana boat companies, especially ECO (Chouest), is to go there in person to apply. You fill out the application, hand over your resume and documents for copying (or better yet, give them copies), and wait for someone to interview you.

Wear nice clothes. Make a point of looking sweet, clean, and fresh. Smile and look happy to be there. In other words, look like someone that they would be comfortable seeing handle their food.

You don’t actually need the Servsafe, but if three people are interviewing for the same job, the one that just happens to have Servsafe might have an advantage. Its does not matter which state version of Servsafe you take.

Oceaneering was hiring cooks. For them you have to apply online through their website.

Apply as a Second Cook



You can also apply as a General Vessel Assistant but no guarantee you’ll be cooking. Read the announcement carefully; provide everything the ask for, don’t hesitate to call them if you’re stuck.