Culinary Jobs in Merchant Marine

I have searched high and low but cannot find out how to research merchant marine jobs in the culinary/food service.
I know they feed you - but I don’t know how they hire the Chefs/Cooks
I would appreciate learning how and who to contact
Also, what Coast Guard courses do you have to have to work in the marine environment?

while it may be an afront to your training(im assuming here that your a classically trained chef), you’ll find jobs are pretty much listed as cook. some yachts and what not will hire by the classical brigade style names, but the rest of the fleet is a little more direct.

you may have to start at the bottom and work up from prep cook/mess attendant even with training, although this will be almost certianly the case if you’re not professionally trained.

also, on some boats, there isnt just a cook. they are deckhand or engineers as well.

also, be patient. the industry is a little screwy right now. jobs are a little tough to come by…

Well I am classically trained at the Art Institute of Houston with an Associates Degree there and another Associates in Baking and Pastry from Houston Community College. Two years as private Chef and two years as baker with a German Master Chef. That doesn’t make me God’s gift to food but I am capable.
I am a bit too seasoned at 55 to be a deckhand however.
My first career was selling medical capital equipment and networking gear.
So do you think I am too seasoned for merchant marine and need to think more yacht?
I would not be happy cutting carrots all day or peeling potatoes. It would not meet my creative needs LOL.

Did you check the cruise lines’s websites for open positions? I think they list those hotel services jobs on there.

[B]You’ll need a Merchant Mariners Document, you can get the info off the US Coast Guard web site. You’ll need a TWIC card. Also, Basic Safety Training a 5 day course which you can get at Young Memorial in Morgan City, LA. A Food Handlers Certification Card would help, you can get one online at the Texas A&M site unless you already hold a Safe Serve Certification. 55 is not to old, I’m 50 + myself and been doing this for 6 years. Good Luck![/B]

That was very helpful

You might want to consider working on the inland waterways and rivers. Many of the towboats employ cooks. A good overview site about working on the inland waters is:

This site also lists most of the big companies, links to employment etc. Working inland also means that you won’t have to deal with all the STCW stuff. You will probably need a TWIC card but that is about it.
Good Luck!

BR, like TMac said, you’ll need a minimum of a MMD and TWIC to get on board. With reduced crew sizes these days, there are very few seagoing bakers positions (outside of the passenger industry). I know of a bakers position open in january which would give you time to get your docs in line. (If you get started ASAP) It’s in the Bering Sea, on a ship out of Seattle. Call Pam at Premier Pacific Seafoods. 206-286-8584. The large fishing boats out of seattle are pretty comfortable, pay fairly well and often need cooks.

You may also want to consider going through SIU.

NCL, Cruisewest and American Cruise Lines hire- a LOT.,,

I second the Piney Point recommendation.

I think my captain posted above:D Email Pam asap- if you haven’t already