Greenhorn tug cook need advice

I have a interview for one of the big three tug companies in the PNW. I assume as a cook they’re going to want to know if I can plan a menu. What other duties as a cook am I going to be expected to perform cleaning, trash sorting, assisting in deck work? What else should I know before I go in for my interview? If I get hired on how are you paid? hourly by the day? I have lots of questions and no experience so any help I get will be greatly appreciated thanks.

Yours is an interesting question. I am not sure you have all the correct questions/expectations about your potential new job. You will most likely be required to work in the galley, meals, cleaning, and working on deck when needed to get the vessel running, sailing, tying up, untying, and securing for sea.

Have you gotten a TWIC card or a MMD MMC? What has the company said about required USCG documentation?

Judging by your query this will be on a commercial vessel, with a 4 to 7 man crew. I find it unusual that they are hiring you to just cook. Maybe you have the mistaken impression (or I may not understand the situation) hey, I’ve been wrong before!

I’ve cooked offshore here in the GoM before on Supply Boats. As a designated cook, I did not have to perform deck duties.
Keep the galley clean.
Cook Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Balanced, healthy meals.
Bake from scratch. You can get away with box cakes but you need to be able to make biscuits, breads, pies…etc.
Responsible for ordering groceries and supplies. You will either go to grocery store and shop or they’ll deliver your order. Depends on the job you’re on.
May be required to wash dishes but usually the hands help you or they may do them all. Depends on the boat.

It’s tough getting on as a cook if you haven’t done it before. I had a lot of restaurant experience, tried and tried getting on as an offshore cook with no luck. Was working as OS and the cook quit. They said “OK, you wanna cook?” YESSSS!! It was great and I stayed with em a few years.

Wash hands frequently and use soap!

Good luck, good cooks make any trip more enjoyable. Let us know how things turn out for you

Keep a supply of fresh cookies handy and you’ll be the crew’s hero.

As far as cooks go, you are usually either a hero or a zero… not much room inbetween. Good Luck!