Looking at MechTech carbine uppers

Can’t decide on which one to get the Glock 9mm one or the .45 one? Anybody have one of these? It’s a carbine upper that uses the glock or 1911 frame. I only have a single stack .45 a double would be awsome! Cool thing is no paperwork needed you can order one thru the mail. Thanks!

I have both, for that application I would choose a glock 20 (10 mm)

Are they accurate?

Look to be. There’s a video of the 9mm one by hickok45. He’s shooting unsupported and banging steel like crazy. Fun to watch.

I would put my 10 mm Glock in one of those uppers, my 1911’s have a job already, night stand ( his and hers:)

My back yard range is a total failure compared to Mr. Hickok45, I just have an old propane tank and a chuck of steel up the the hillside.

2 more days and I will be there, had a brown bear in the yard twice in the last 2 weeks, she said.

I wouldn’t judge the systems accuracy based on hickocs shooting ability. I’m pretty sure he could put lead on steel at 300 yards with a blunderbuss

Well that’s true. He is a good shot. The only down side is the glock only has the “keep your booger picker” off the trigger safety. I think it would be a fun carbine.

I hate you for posting this ive been window shopping on that site.

Oh well I’d better not post this then… The .45 uses glock mags and you can buy a caliber conversion kit for about $380, uses AR parts and has a threaded barrel as well. You can use the 100 round “Rambo” mag too!


Yep I want that