H&k usp .45

Does anyone have any experience with the H&K USP .45 handgun? My wife and I spend a lot of time at the range and we tend to lean towards Sig Sauer. We’ve both put a decent amount of rounds through the P226 .40 S&W and the 9mm. I’ve been eyeballing the P220 Stainless Elite amd the new P227. I’m looking for an all around handgun for home defense (laser) range gun, and course target practice. I came across the H&K and started research on it. I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet. Any opinions would be greatly apprecaited. Happy New Year and stay safe out there.

I’ve shot one, and I wasn’t a fan. Didn’t fit my hand as well as my p226, which is my favorite. It almost felt awkward to shoot. Try to find a friend with one or a rental place so you can try it out.

Glock 23 is my go-to, if you’re talking .40. Few friends have followed suit, hand sizes of all ranges too. Easy for me to carry, 13rd mags.

99% is what feels good in your hand. Rent one and try it out. My wife shoots a custom light weight commander in 45 and I shoot a tricked out series 70. I don’t feel under gunned with her mod 60 smith. I don’t own a 40 cal but like it better than the 9mm.

My mate just bought a fns and loves it.

Go with a Springfield XDM instead.

I have taken my friend’s USP .45 and USP .40 Compact to the range many times and have never left disappointed. While I prefer the ergonomics of the USP Compact, they are both very accurate, reliable and comfortable to shoot. I would expect nothing less from H&K, especially at the price point. However, I would not say that Heckler & Koch is much nicer than Sig Sauer, Glock or Ruger. It really boils down to personal preference. My daily carry is a Glock 22, but my favorite range toys/bedside guns are a SIG P226 and an FNX .45 Tactical. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. Definitely try some out at the range and pick the one that is comfortable to shoot. The P227 is certainly not a bad option, especially if you already have a preference for Sig Sauer and want a gun chambered in .45acp. Also, check out the FNX. Talk about the ultimate home defense gun! :smiley:


After looking around quite a bit, I settled on a S/W Sigma 40 cal. While some do not like this gun due to it not having a “Safety”. it has the same type of safety as the Glocks. This was also a problem for me but once I bought it and shot it I could not be happier with it and let’s face it Every Gun Should Be Treated As Being Loaded!. This gun has had a lot of rounds put through it and has never had a jam or miss fire. The best thing is the price. I purchased mine a couple of years ago for $300 brand new.


Thanks for all of the posts so far. The p226 feels really good in my hand. I rent the handguns at the range and have also fired several Glocks. They are great firearms, however, not really my thing. I do like the double action and single action of the Sig. Anybody shoot the p227 yet?

I love Sigs, mostly because of the DA/SA. Latest purchase is a 2022 in .40S&W. Polymer gun, economy priced, but still pretty nice and I am quite happy with it.