License in Continiuty Test

Hi, This my first post, I have a Master 3000 ton Unispected Fishing Vessel License that is continuity and am going to reactivate it, Could anyone tell me about the open book test? I last tested in 1992 for the 1500 masters and was approved for 100/ 200 Masters Mate inspected and did not follow thru with the rest of the testing due to time restrants at that time, Would that approvel still be in affect? I will be shooting for an upgrade to 1600 nc Masters after I get 60 days of seatime but have been thinking of using the earlier aprovel if it is still in affect at this time. Also when does the stcw requirement go up for the 1600 ton inspected Masters NC go into affect?

Thanks in Advance for any insight on these subjects given.