Testing question

I attended maine maritime and completed the Svo program and recieved my 500t mates, we sat for the 3rds unlimited test to get that license. can I sit for a limited exam to get my 500t or 1600t masters with appropriate sea time and experiance of course? some people at the acedemy indicated that upgradeing to a 500t or 1600t masters would not require testing, i think they are wrong but it would be nice to know some options

"If you tested for 3rd Mate after 2/1/2002, the exam for 3rd and 2nd were combined, so you would only take the supplemental plus a rules test (required if you haven’t tested ion a year or more)."
found this in an earlier post

You can take the partial exam to go to Master 500 Tons after you acquire sufficient sea servioce. Also, depending on how long it takes you to get the sea time, you may also nneed STCW training and assessment. We have not yey specified the training and assessment required, but will do so in the future.

thanks for the reply, i currently have all stcw stuff

Completing the Maine Maritime program got you STCW for MATE 500 GRT. When you go to Master you are going from the “Operational Level” to the “Management Level” and additional training and assessment will be required, just as it is currently from 2nd Mate AGT to Chief Mate AGT.

ok thanks for the info, I have another question regarding towing licenses. I have a 500t NC mates a completed TOAR and aprox. 720 sea days on tugs operating near coastal, so with 30 days and a completed toar i would have the equivalancy of a mate of towing i think. What would i need to get a master of towing? reading the cfrs and talking to people has me very confused. thanks

the sea time is all on tugs operationg near coastal

It’s one year as Mate on towing vessels. You may be able to get that at the same time as Master 500 GRT. I’d also get the Mate of T/V put on your license (or now, MMC) at the next opportunity.

Depennding on where you’re wortking and how quickly we put out training and assessment requirements for Master 500 GRT, Master of T/V might be an attractive option vice Master 500 GRT as it would not require any STCW requirements. That only works for you if your work doesn’t require yo to have STCW. Until wqe put out those requirements, you can upgrade the Mate 500 GRT and STCW without additional STCW.

Not necessarily apply just for that, but the next time you renew or add anything else. That way if you lose the TOAR you’re OK. If you don’t get it put on theMMC/license, you’re in bad shape if you lose the TOAR.

that clears some things up, thanks