Last coal fired power plant in Norway to close

The coal fired power station in Longyearbyen, Svalbard will be closed within 2 - 5 year, which will also end operation of the only coal mine left in Svalbard and Norway:

Subsea cable from the mainland may be the only viable alternative?
The other option may be green hydrogen and fuel cells.
Adventfjorden is now navigable by ice strengthened ship year around, so resupply of hydrogen should be not problem, even at the height of winter.

They are still mining coal in Svalbard; just not in the Norwegian settlements.

Yes the Russian/Ukrainian company Trust Arcticugol still run a coal mine at Barentsburg, but it is not profitable and the aim is to go into tourism in big style.

The coal fired power station there will also be shut down when alternative power source is established.

'Barentsburg aims to move from dirty coal to become gateway for Russia's Arctic tourism | The Independent Barents Observer

It’s interesting that the Russians are mining coal from such deep deposits; elsewhere, the coal seams are several hundred meters above the sea level and the mine entrances on the mountainsides.

I have visited Barentsburg several times since 2012. My personal opinion is that the settlement lost some of its Soviet charm when they started renovating everything. Same applies to Pyramiden.