Sixhundred new coal-fired power stations planned in Asia

While we in this country are bickering about the closure of the last four coal-fired power stations this is happening. Six hundred new coal-fired power stations are planned to be built in five Asian countries. British think tank Carbon Tracker reports this in a new report.

According to Carbon Tracker, there are large-scale plans for generating coal power in Asia. It concerns plans for 368 new coal-fired power stations in China, 92 in India, 107 in Indonesia, 14 in Japan and 41 in Vietnam. The Netherlands has four coal-fired power stations that will be shut down before 2030 at the latest.

Also the growth in popularity of SUVs is cancelling out the gains of people buying electric cars.

A lot of electric car drivers hate SUVs because of this, they have made a big sacrifice spending a fortune on overpriced electric cars only for the gains to be wiped out by SUV drivers.

It will be a long time before I buy an electric car as most of them have very low tow ratings, for towing things I need a car with about a 2 ton towing capacity, the only way I can get that is with a big diesel/petrol engine.

Maybe an electric SUV will do?:

Or Hybrid?:

But muh climate change?

Coal is the biggest polluter, that’s a known fact, however in the US at least coal plants have been given upgrades that help make them cleaner, and now many of those are getting shut down without replacement.

I doubt China’s coal fired plants will have any sort of pollution controls on them at all.

The pollution control you are talking about is for soot/particle pollution, not GHG (??)
China has had a very bad problem with particle pollution in cities and industrial areas for years.
They are doing something about it by installing scrubbers on every coal fired power station and industrial plant:

China is also world’s biggest market for electric vehicles, incl. buses and trucks and the world’s biggest investor in renewable energy.

BTW; China is the biggest GHG emitter in the world, followed by US, but China emits far less GHG per capita than the US:

This (predictable) news is good.

Only the woke west is shutting down good coal-fired power stations and causing electricity prices to skyrocket (an Obama reference).

Australia’s vast reserves of high quality thermal coal have an assured market for the rest of this century. Yippee! That’s jobs galore for you mariners too getting it there.


Industrial chimneys have catalyzing treatment ( assuming you have paid for that) so CHG can be removed/altered, its not just particle stuff.
Simple technology, has been on USA cars since the 70’s its even in the Singapore garbage incinerators.

The technology being constantly upgraded…
Yes I have a buddy in that industry.

C02 capture technology exists in a few clean coal plants but without a price on C02 not much is happening

New coal plant has just gone in in Bintan, havnt been past since covid but it must to close to running now…

Here in North America we prefer natural gas for power generation. It’s nearly twice as efficient over coal. On average, it’s cheaper, and there’s less pollution.

That China is burning a 19th-century fuel for power just shows it is not as developed as it would like to be.


That’s more of a resource availability question. America has tons of natural gas as a byproduct of oil extraction. While it can be shipped it’s more expensive afterwards and the infrastructure for that is not quite there yet.

China can ship coal in considerably cheaper and from more sources.

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The largest polluter of air in Southern California was the Kaiser Steel Mill. Kaiser Steel - Wikipedia
It was sold to China that disassembled it and moved it to China.
“Why China is still clinging to coal - Vox” Why China is still clinging to coal - Vox

I like my Toyota SUV that can tow whatever I need. Doing my part for global warning by only driving it to the marina and back. About 2300 miles last two years.

I’m going to hold on to my Ford Ranger with its 3.2 litre 5 cylinder Diesel engine until something (a hybrid?) comes along. Ford have a hybrid F-150 hybrid but I have trouble opening my doors in carpals now in woke car sized parks without getting anything larger and there are no plans to release o right hand drive version.
The must haves are 4–w-d and rated 3.5 tonne tow rating.

Indonesia got lots of coal hence they want to use it.

USA almost at the top ( a couple of more years) of the worlds biggest LPG exporters.

How are the mercury levels in the fish, biota, and vunerable populations located downstream/downwind of the coal-fired power plants?

who cares?
Many parts of indonesia still dont know why in the last 18 months lots of old people have been dying

I care for numerous reasons.

Any chance of a link to the report?

Sure we all do but the 3rd world is only about making a few rich…

Presumably his one

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