Arctic News


Rosatom has officially been granted the right to develop, regulate and control the NSR:

More about Rosatom’s 5 new nuclear powered icebreakers under construction,or planning:


Construction of the arctic station North Pole has commenced:

Two newbuilt ARC7 class tankers are proceeding from yards in China and South Korea through the NSR:

They are bound for Sabetta for their maiden cargoes.

Russian ice breaking submarine on the drawing board:

Busy days on the Barents Sea coast of Norway. LNG tankers queuing up to load and transship in Sarnesfjord and Hammerfest:

But not everything is rosy red for the future of the Russian arctic:

While Russia is busy developing their arctic capabilities on the ground the US is looking at weaponizing space according to this article in Arctic Today:

Russia to build an “LNG Island” to improve efficiency and economy for their supply of arctic gas to markets in NE Asia:


Ice Hockey anyone??:

Nosy and hungry polar bear pay a visit on a Russian submarine:


The Chinese polar research vessel Xue Long hit an iceberg in Antarctica: