Arctic News


Rosatom has officially been granted the right to develop, regulate and control the NSR:

More about Rosatom’s 5 new nuclear powered icebreakers under construction,or planning:


Construction of the arctic station North Pole has commenced:

Two newbuilt ARC7 class tankers are proceeding from yards in China and South Korea through the NSR:

They are bound for Sabetta for their maiden cargoes.

Russian ice breaking submarine on the drawing board:

Busy days on the Barents Sea coast of Norway. LNG tankers queuing up to load and transship in Sarnesfjord and Hammerfest:

But not everything is rosy red for the future of the Russian arctic:

While Russia is busy developing their arctic capabilities on the ground the US is looking at weaponizing space according to this article in Arctic Today:

Russia to build an “LNG Island” to improve efficiency and economy for their supply of arctic gas to markets in NE Asia:


Ice Hockey anyone??:

Nosy and hungry polar bear pay a visit on a Russian submarine:


The Chinese polar research vessel Xue Long hit an iceberg in Antarctica:


Gazprom Neft deploys new icebreakers in the Arctic (press release in Russian; pictures in English):

They even managed to capture some of the world’s most advanced icebreakers in a single photograph:


More about the new Russian icebreakers in Barents observer today:


Keppel O&M, Singapore wants to have a piece of the cake in the Arctic:

I’m proud of my former home and their willingness to think new and broad, not narrow and small.

Not bad for a small tropical island that was a colonial backwater just over 50 years ago.

GAC open new office to cater to increased cruise traffic and maritime activity in the Arctic:


More activity in the Arctic means more ships calling at the only ice free port in Northern Russia on the Atlantic side, Murmansk Port:

The activity is also reflected in the increased volume of cargo shipped via the NSR during last year:

With the year around traffic to/from Sabetta this is bound to increase further this year.

The 5th Arctic Forum will be held in St Petersburg 9.-10. April, 2019:

Russia pass new cabotage law for NSR, but have to issue waiver for the Yamal LNG tankers:

Can the goal of 80 Mill. tonnes/yr. shipped via the NSR by 2024 be reached?:

Sovcomflot win award for it’s icebreaking support vessel fleet:,sovcomflot-icebreaking-support-vessel-wins-top-award_56739.htm

Y’all seen a lit’l ol’ island around here somewhere???:

Year around operation on the NSR is planned:

Rosneft is planning a 600 km pipeline to bring oil to a new terminal to be built on the Arctic coast:

This will help to increase the amount of cargo carried along the NSR towards 80 Mill. t/yr. as proposed by President Putin.


Not quite Arctic, but close enough - a 10-minute documentary of Finnish icebreaking:


Russia is going ahead with it’s plan for year around transit on the NSR with an aim to transport 80 mill. tons of cargo per year.
This will require larger, wider and more powerful icebreakers than presently available:


A white elephant, a halo project that has been talked about for so much in recent years that no-one wants to bear the wrath of Tsar Putin if it recedes into dreamspace again. I have seen the first mentions of a “Leader” in some 1980s papers - it has been around for a while, but now the national ego finally needs it (shipping, on the other hand… I’m not so sure).

…and despite all the experience Baltiskiy Zavod has accumulated from building these behemoths, they decided to build it at the yard that has yet to deliver a single vessel (but has a remarkable order book as every new ship is channelled there).


The last (??) nuclear powered commercial vessel in the world in active service is put to good use to transport cargo to the remote Arctic LNG 2 Project in the dead of winter:


Yeah, she is the last nuclear-powered cargo ship. However, I do count the icebreakers as civilian vessels as well.

I’m more excited about her planned shipment of fish along the northern sea route to Ust-Luga. A nuclear-powered ship in the Baltic Sea is bound to make news…