I’ve read two books on Chernobyl and was left with the impression one reactor was still operating? , well, that was a few years ago anyway. Now with the USA’s questionable act of war blowing up Norstream 2 they may need it?

WHO blew up the pipeline? Do you have secret info unknown to everyone else?

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The last reactor of the Chernobyl power plant was closed in 2000.

There are eight RBMK type reactors still in operation in Russia:

  • Kursk-2, -3 and -4
  • Leningrad-3 and -4
  • Smolensk-1, -2 and -3

In addition, three out of four EGP-6 type reactors (scaled-down RBMK-1000) at Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant are still in operation. However, they will likely be decommissioned in the coming years as the floating nuclear power plant Akademik Lomonosov has arrived in Pevek.

Speaking of nuclear power plants, our long-awaited EPR is finally running at full power!

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Troll much…Comrade?

thx tupsis for the reactor info.
Eventually it’ll be known the globalists and WEF were no doubt behind the ‘blow up’. after all, Russian would’ve used that as a lever to bend Europe and they needn’t sabotage their own 20 billion dollar project when they could simply shut the valves. Biden & Co. said they were not going to allow oil to flow, it’s a matter of record.
Lets close this post, sorry i brought it up.

I have been to Chernobyl quite an interesting place and the last reactor shut down in 2000