Arctic Oil Drilling Under Attack as Norway Dragged to Court

grab some popcorn and sit back.

Could make for interesting ‘entertainment’ and - who knows - a less great future for Norwegian drilling in the Arctic. If the case is won, of course.

It’ll be interesting to see where this goes, but unlikely to have any immediate effect on oil exploration in the high north, or off the More coast which is another highly sensitive fish breeding ground.

It is true that Norway is the major oil and gas producer in Europe, but very little oil or gas is actually used here, since the main source of energy is hydro/electric and what heavy industry is left is based on electricity.

What little gas is burnt in Norway is mainly on the offshore platforms in the form of flaring, which is a hot topic here.
Using Gas is seen as a problem, since it produces CO2.

BTW; If Greenpeace is looking for somewhere to fight increasing oil production, they may need to look at USA:

In Norway the oil production is falling and is likely to continue to do so regardless of Greenpeace actions.