Norway's Statoil plays down risks ahead of Arctic drilling

With no proper Arctic drilling ventures in sight in the US, this ambitious series of exploration drilling off Norway this summer is the next exciting thing to keep an eye on.

Fingers crossed they stay away from any mishaps.

The estimate for oil & gas in the Barents Sea has just been doubled:

But it is not all trouble free:

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Yup, big headaches for PSA ever since the Goliat platform was delivered off Norway. Also tremendously overspend.

Not only Statoil is active in the Barents Sea:

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surely not.

But as one of their prospects is the most north(east) one to be explored, all eyes seem to be on that. And the potential ‘prize’ it may contain.

bummer for Lundin

Yes you don’t win them all.
It took many years and many dry holes before they figured out the geology in that part of the Barents Sea.
This was an appraisal well, not a wildcat, though.