Green Steel making

Some time ago there was a thread about fossil free steel mills in Sweden and another about a Green iron ore mine in Kirkenes to go with it:

The first deteriorated into a discussion about the Jamestown flood and the other attracted no replies.

Now a Norwegian company wants to set up a pellet plant in Norway (or UK), supplying feedstock to its ultra-low CO2 steel plant being developed in Inkoo, Finland:

Lutelandet looks like a bleak place:

But there are big plans there:




Fortescue, ex Fortescue Mining Group is really doing a green push.

Behind paywall. Here is another source:

BHP is scaling up their process:

Making “green steel” by electrolysis is already done in small scale in Sweden:

Others are trying to make a breakthrough in “Green steel” production:

so instead of using coal it’ll use electricity … (from a coal fired generator) hahaha

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Like a Tesla. . . .

Maybe they will use green coal?

I could paint a lump of coal green and sell it for 5 times more

You can paint coal green as much as you want, but when it is converted to coke for steelmaking it will turn dark gray.

No matter how many jokes you can come up, or the number of “old fossils” that would “like to keep things like it was”, development and progress towards a “greener future” will continue.

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BODEN H2 Green Steel, which is building a steel plant in Boden in Norrbotten, Sweden, is planning a new steel plant in Quebec, Canada:

Source: 🇸🇪 🇨🇦 H2 Green Steel plans new steel plant in Canada - ArcticToday

If we only required steel alloys for surgical instruments and other very high value small items, go for it. Trying to build a handy sized bulker out of green steel would be prohibitively expensive.