Wave power generators

The wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine, but in many parts of the world there are always waves.

Havkraft AS will be installing a wave power raft here in Ålesund later this month.
It will serve to demonstration their technology to potential customers from around the world. The technology has been proven in tests, both in open waters and in test basins.

From their web page:

One potential large market is in Indonesia, with abt. 3000 inhabited islands and huge areas of open waters between them.
Introduction through the Indonesian Embassy in Norway has already been made:

From smp.no today:

Powerpier:Innovation Norway in Møre og Romsdal supports the project in Ålesund with four million kroner. The facility, which will be called Powerpier, will be launched in mid-March. Such facilities must be able to supply electricity to various types of quays and other installations at sea. PHOTO: OCEAN POWER

Havkraft has previously tested plants both in the open sea and in the test tank of the Stadt Towing Tank in Deknepollen. Tests have shown that the power plant can produce electricity on only ten centimeters high waves. And one can produce current with waves over six meters high.

That’s one hell of a Scrabble board.

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Beware of wave power. You’ll be washing away your money.

Key points from an Australian failure.

  • The value of Carnegie’s wave energy technology has dropped $68 million in less than two years
  • The company has raised nearly $200 million in government grants, equity and debt
  • It has been reluctant to say how much energy its CETO technology produces

The project outside Tueneset is a collaboration with Marina Solutions and Ulstein Betong. It is a test facility for what they have called Powerpier, a concrete pier that will be powered by wave power.
The wave power “pier” has been in place for a few weeks:

The test facility for wave power production was laid out in mid-March and is scheduled to remain open until June.

Tueneset:The facility outside Tueneset in Ålesund has been tested in both fine weather and proper storm. PHOTO: PRIVATE
Not much wave action when these images were shot.

PS> The nearby skerry is a seabird sanctuary where we use to pick seagull eggs in my childhood.