Its TRUE! Chouest Raises Just Came In

Our manager just came on the boat this afternoon and told us, $100 a day for all captains and engineers, making Chief Eng and Lead Capt. pay $950 a day…NICE!!!

Oh yeah? So when is this windfall gonna hit your bank account?

One post…hmmmm

[QUOTE=rigdvr;84351]One post…hmmmm[/QUOTE]

It is either a gag or just one division. The last raise was preceded by a call from my coordinator. Who knows, maybe he is busy.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

$950/day - They could throw me on a boat and forget about me! That’s one hell of a day rate!

I’d be taking a pay cut glad I don’t work at Chouest.

That’s about $400/day more than what tug engineers are making in the Northeast.

Glad I don’t work on tugs either.

Well not everyone can be that lucky :wink:

Who’s your manager… Good rumors hahaha

Nice try mystery man, but it ain’t true!

I’m calling BULLSHIT on that one.

I am at Chouest and making that day rate right now with out the raise. So sorry, good try though.

That’s the rate for 6000 ITC, correct? I also heard that its the same for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on 6000 boats, is that accurate, just foreign?

I second that!

That’s funny, our coordinator told us, “no” yesterday about lunch time.

950/day sounds like overseas, or an anchor boat pulling anchors plus seniority pay.

The office doesn’t even have to spread these rumors; they generate spontaneously and spread themselves.

This thread is hysterical. Someone is trolling.

[QUOTE=BMCSRetired;84439]This thread is hysterical. Someone is trolling.[/QUOTE]

It’d be funny if it was you.