Chouest Raises Again?

Heard from two independent sources in the past week that Chouest is going for round three of raises, effective August/September. There is no talk of amounts yet, just wanted to share the scuttlebutt. Anyone know anything, please chip in, and I will follow up with updates as well. Any news on other companies raises is also nice to know too :slight_smile:

I heard that too from inside source, but saying that they got to have an evidence fist that other companies are paying much bigger day rate… well HOS
are now paying 750$ just for mate 500 w/ 6000ITC w/ Unlimited DP.

It’s in the works, have not got the official word yet but it’s on the way

750 for 500 Mate, that is good money! That’s 1600 Master pay at some companies. I wonder what top pay is at HOS.

All depends on the license you have, they add on for every endorsement you have. The more you have the better. I would like to know what the senior capts are making over there.

Why worry about what a senior capt is making. The reason they are senior is because they have found something they like and do not jump around company to company every time some one offers 25 dollars a day more money. The senior guys at every company should be making more than the rest just for that simple reason. Until you have paid your dues and stuck with a company for a little while you will never be able to get into that position, so why worry about it.

You’re right, I agree. Senior captains have earned the extra money, and they deserve it. However, I believe he was asking just to get an idea of what the range is, from new mate to all the way up to senior captain. It’s not uncommon for an employer to hire you at one rate, but also inform you that if you stay on long enough and are successful, you can work up to xxx salary. Job hopping never works in the long run, and you will never earn respect from an employer who’s just waiting for you to chase the next raise at company X. I myself have always put in at least 4 yeas with any company I’ve worked for, and it has paid off well. I’ve also never left a company for money, it was always for a career change or an opportunity that was not available at my current employer.

They streamlined the template format and senior guys are right at the four digit mark.

Heard Otto Candies was already over $1k a day. Masters here make $850 and we only have 3000itc boats right now.

[QUOTE=Fraqrat;75965]They streamlined the template format and senior guys are right at the four digit mark.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=CaptB;75983]Heard Otto Candies was already over $1k a day. Masters here make $850 and we only have 3000itc boats right now.[/QUOTE]

well that explains why there’s still bleeding in Chouest. At least they got to come up 20 - 30$ below with other companies in GOM coz 100$ difference is a lot reason
to jump ship especially with a DPO. Well its only me saying…

I was simply saying that I would like to know what they are making. I’m extremely happy what I’m making here at Chouest and I’m not even close to being a senior capt yet. I think you misunderstood my statement.

Our last raise that took effect a couple months ago was over a 100$. Then the other main players down here came out with there raises and past us again. It’s just the nature of the beast.

OICNW with unlimited DP / Master OSV 6,000 and Oceans endorsement is $775/ day.

BTW i heard rumors here at HOS about possible raises coming out. Not sure about amounts just heard that they may be coming.

I just heard from someone ESO is buying out GOL has any one heard that?

ESO isn’t buyincg out Gol, Hornbeck is buying out Chouest

Hornbecks market cap is 1.5 billion dollars. They could never finance a purchase of Chouest.

Turdwater or Seacor would be the only people with the weight to pull that off. I would think Gary would burn and scuttle the whole fleet before selling out to either of them.

It ain’t about the market cap. It’s the cash flow that gets the finance, but there would have to be serious management experience and a track record in place to convince the bankers to lend. But … we are on the way up wth a huge order book. Reviewing OSV, OCV orders and see in Norway alone - 45 vessels in 7 months 2012 ordered for about US$ 3 billion total. This is a serious financial dynamic at work so whp knows who is doing what …bankers may be throwing money at the sector. All that said, my very best to ECO and everyone there. They have been great to work with on our stuff.

I bet the Big Picture on these companys is staggering.

HOS’s new build program is about +720 million from what I could find online,(I saved it if anyone would like to read it) I could not locate anything about ECO’s. pricetag on the new builds.

There must be a typo cause it says 67 new bulids total?? HOS is using two shipyards both in the US. VT Halter Marine, Inc. of Pascagoula, Mississippi and with Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc. of Panama City, Florida anybody up for some recon?