ITC question

Just got my 500 ton master NC, It did not come with the 3000 ITC. I am wanting to submit a application to get the 3000 ITC. On the application do I list it as a Endorsment?

If you just received it I would contact NMC, and attempt to get em to add it for no additional charge or lost time for an additional application, it’s at least worth a try…

You would be authorized a 3000 ITC NC for an OSV, the NMC has the check sheet on their website. But, you must ask for it.

Capt. Leigh is correct. Contact the NMC and ask for the 3000 ITC (OSV) endorsement. There is a USCG policy letter you should cite to document your request.

Do it now and they will not charge you.

Here’s the Policy Letter:

Please note that there is an updated letter covering this, but this will get you going in the right direction.

Had the same experience with the NMC a couple of years ago and got it corrected, once the Evaluator (or whoever) read the policy letter I submitted.

A restricted 3,000 ITC (OSV)… You cannot get an unrestricted 3,000 ITC unless you have a 1,600 GRT