Is joining navy reserves possible while working with MSC?

Any info or insight is appreciated.

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How does getting relief work? How would someone attend the monthly training when an MSC tour is a minimum of 4 months? Thanks for the reply by the way.

Well, it works perfectly fine for fulfilling your obligation for Kp or SIP. You can meet your MMR obligation standing on your head. When your stateside, I would look for some acdutra opportunities. If not you can do some self directed studies.

Drilling for active selres is difficult. Most stations are not on that schedule and you may not get a billet.

That’s my experience!!

I’m not familiar with any of those acronyms. Can you reword your reply if you have the time? Thanks for the reply by the way.

I’m pretty sure there would be no monthly training for you, that’s how.


Sorry I should not have used navy acronyms. Let me try again.

If you are going to serve as a Strategic Sealift Officer ( former MMR program used to be 1635 & 75 designators) then you only have to serve two weeks a year on Activity Duty for Training. That will not get you a good year for retirement purposes. To get to a " good year" you would need to participate in additional drills or online correspondence courses. By doing this you would get a good year for retirement purposes.

If you want to begin the Selected reserves( the traditional reserves) then you have a requirement for drilling once a month and then two week a year for Active Duty. In this scenario you will definetly acquire a good year and be eligible for retirement after 20 years. This program is not easy to pull off while sailing. But maybe you can find a billet. I would check to see if you could find a MSC Billet that would allow you to drill potentially while on your ship.

I think it’s a laudable goal to pursue. I stayed in for 15 years but didn’t think the final five years was doable. During my time I was activated once during the first gulf war. I got out right before 9/11 and I had a few friends activate for two years to Abu Dhabi to support the second gulf war. So anyone who tells you there is a slight chance of activations is not giving you the total picture. It’s a nice compliment to sailing and you will be filling an important need for the country.

Good luck

no prob, I retired from army while sailing. You just have to make up drill weekends when you can. kind of a drag, I made up missing time before going home but totally doable.
The govt. after all HAS TO give you the time. it’s just a matter of timing and you do have to have some rapport with your unit but I can’t imagine your being gone almost all the time much of a issue, especially if your job at the unit is similar to at sea!
In my case I sailed as Eng. and at the unit I was ACE on a big transport.
Sticking it out and collecting military retirement was one of the best things I ever did.


Your private job/employer has to honor Reserve commitment for up to five years before letting you go if you go active.

I have been out for about 10 years so it’s may be different on this point but I doubt it.

If you are in the IRR and just doing your two weeks a year you should have no trouble finding the time to do your two weeks so it is no problem. Keep in mind that just meeting the requirements is not enough to earn a creditable year towards retirement. You will have to find a way to earn extra “points” like correspondence courses or some thing.

If you go SELRES and do one weekend a month, You should be able to reschedule all your drills in to a single 24 day period when you are home. I know people who did this every year and the command and unit both actually preferred it to have people there during the work week vs just the weekend. They would do all their drills in one period and back that up with their Annual Training and be done for the year all in one go.

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