Military Sealift Officer Reserve Questions

Hello, I am interested in becoming a Strategic Sealift Officer for the Navy Reserves as well as the Student Incentive Program that is available in through the state maritime academies.

Does anyone know if I am able to do active duty work for extended periods of time? I heard of 3 years at a time?

Also, does anyone know if the Student Incentive Program’s financial assistance has been increased to $64k from $32k?

Very Respectfully,

I know someone that was an active duty SSO for like 9 years.

There are always opportunities for extended periods of active duty. It may be through the SSO program or outside of it. I have seen opportunities from a few weeks to a few years and there are ways to hop between multiple opportunities with minimal to no break in active duty time.

There are at ton of variables and order types that all have their different rules. If you take the time to learn “the system” you can definitely navigate it to your advantage in terms of getting all the active duty time you want while still officially being a “reservist”.