If you could sail on any class of vessel, what would it be?

I think I’d like to get on a swanky Lurssen 150m+ yacht. bucket list also includes docking an azipod 1000’ cruise ship.

Herreshoff 12 1/2.

floating gentleman’s club!


otherwise I’d say a global class expedition vessel, any warship from WWII or I get really lucky…a 1970’s Tidewater OSV!

I can smell that MSD about to explode even from my livingroom

C.captain seems confused. He posted a “no class vessel”. In a “no class vessel”, we have similar taste.

One without any of the following, in no particular order of importance:

rats/bugs/malodorous ship mates
Any equipment made by JRC or raymarine
shaft generators
computer controlled anything that doesn’t have 5 spares.

So, maybe a 99.99 ton foreign flagged harbor boat, or the Herreshoff.

Big old offshore salvage tug from the last century but with modern comforts, and be the only man onboard with an entire crew of desperate young women. something about going from dead ship tow to dead ship tow seems fun.

In all reality though I’d like to run a big ATB along the size of the big crowley/OSG units but no pilots allowed, just do my own work.

A “dockside attraction” made fast with permanent moorings and running on shore power.

An old C-3 on the South America run.


My father was 1AE on the Mariana. From his tales (along with lot of old timers I run across) I would have loved to sail on one of those

Damn old man you gave me a panic attack with that photo.

These will do for me.


Heff’s yacht… All then bunnies!

Larry Flint’s would be another good one?

[QUOTE=Fraqrat;132005]Damn old man you gave me a panic attack with that photo.[/QUOTE]

It was like tossing rotten meat into the seas…chumming for my friend Fraq!


Knew you had to rise to the bait eventually.

Really? I’m here just for the paycheck. I like the land part in my life best of all.

A wooden sub chaser alongside my Grandfather. RIP.

[QUOTE=Quimby;132028]A wooden sub chaser alongside my Grandfather. RIP.[/QUOTE]

now you’re talkin!

“Splinter Fleet” sailors eat wood and spit out the nails!

Those guys were definitely some bad ass sailors.

None ever again! Way over it all!

I would sail as a passenger with my mistress around the world … :cool:

tugg guy77 is thinking right!, but then most of you prob know that.