MSC Commericial Cruise

So I decided to go with MSC for my commercial cruise this summer. We’re picking which ships we’re going to be sailing with this summer soon but the problem is I have no idea where any of them are in the world. I’m not sure that you know much more than me but who knows. Anyways, here’s a list of the ships I’m interested in and we have berths on (all the oilers and fast combat support ships we could choose from), let me know if you know where any of them are. I’m looking for something not sailing out of US ports.
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<DIV dir=ltr><font face=Arial size=2>USNS Arctic T-AOE 8</font></DIV>
<DIV dir=ltr><font face=Arial size=2>USNS Supply T-AOE 6</font></DIV>
<DIV dir=ltr><font face=Arial size=2>USNS Bridge T-AOE 10</font></DIV>
<DIV dir=ltr><font face=Arial size=2>USNS Henry J. Kaiser T-AO 187</font></DIV>
<DIV dir=ltr><font face=Arial size=2>USNS John Ericsson <font face=Arial size=2> T-AO 194</font></font></DIV>
<DIV dir=ltr><font face=Arial size=2>USNS Leroy Rumman<font face=Arial size=2> T-AO 195</font></font></DIV>
<DIV dir=ltr><font face=Arial size=2>USNS Tippecanoe<font face=Arial size=2> T-AO 199</font></font></DIV>
<DIV dir=ltr><font face=Arial size=2>USNS Rappahannock<font face=Arial size=2> T-AO 204</font></font></DIV>

CMA_Decky<br> I know someone at M.A.M.A. that works closely with the detailers at MSC. As soon as I see her I’ll ask if she can give some guidance as far as which ships would be good choices for the summer.<br>Doc

I was told any of the AOE’s and west coast oilers since they are currently forward deployed. I was on the commissioning crew for the Arctic. The Supply class (arctic, supply, bridge) are pretty nice ships. I would recommend the Bridge since it’s the last of the Supply class and on the west coast.<br>Doc

By forward deployed do you mean traveling with a fleet or sitting in Guam and going out for a week or two and then hanging out in Guam (or some other port) until the next order comes in. I’d rather not be stuck on a ship that’s stuck in one ort.

By forward deployed I guess they are homeported overseas, however speaking to the person today she said that the oilers are almost constantly out steaming right now. This is second hand info so please don’t hold me to it. I’ll try to get you some more info out of the MSC students that are in classes for you tomorrow.<br>Doc

Alright here’s what I’ve seen (thank you google): the Supply and Grumman are sitting in Norfolk. Arctic and Bridge are in the Persian Gulf. Kaiser is in a shipyard somewhere for another week. Thanks for helping me out Doc.

PS: It’s the USNS Grumman not the Rumman

The ericsson is an awesome ship the captain is a CMA grad and is usually pretty chill with the cadets

CMA_Decky,<br><br>I am going to be the Master onboard the HENRY J KAISER in early May, and she is an operating stateside ship on the West Coast. ERICSSON, RAPPAHANNOCK and TIPPECANOE are all forward deployed (overseas), as is BRIDGE. As for the rest (GRUMMAN, SUPPLY & ARCTIC), they are LANT ships (vice PAC) and I am not familiar with their skeds. The Captain (CMA Alum) on ERICSSON just transferred to the MERCY is currently underway and will not be back for your time aboard. If you have any questions, contact Rob Pardue at CMA, he knows how to get a hold of me. Just tell it was his old Captain from the Niagara Falls.<br><br>CMA Alum (2D)

MSCDecky,<br><br>I’m looking at going on one of the WestPac oilers (Ericson, Tippecanoe, and Rappahannock) any advice on which one of those is better?

CMA_Decky,<br><br>I am going to be down in San Diego (CSU-West) on Monday and will be swinging by the office . I’ll take a look and get back to you on which ship would be your best bet.

Alright thanks, I think we have to choose our ship Monday (Dalske has been evading answering when the pick is going to be for the last week and Monday is the last day everyone will be here so I’m guessing it’s then) so the sooner you can get it up the better.<br><br>Thanks again for your help!

CMA_Decky,<br><br>Both Tippecanoe and Rappahanock are in 7th Fleet AOR (Indian Ocean/South China Sea), whereas Bridge is still stateside but will be deploying shortly overseas for 5th Fleet (Persian Gulf). Based on the Masters on all of these vessels, the Captain on Bridge would be your best bet. He’s a professional and you will learn quite a bit, especially in the areas of voyage planning and bridge resource management. Hence I would recommend the Bridge to you.<br><br>Hope this helps and best of luck during your commercial cruise.

Sounds good. I’m not sure that I’ll have a high enough pick for the Bridge. I think that I’ll be able to make it on either the Tippecanoe or Rappahanock. Any advice beteween the two of them?

Or is there another any other ships on the list that won’t be staying stateside?

CMA_Decky,<br><br>Both Rappahannock and Tippecanoe have “Temp” Masters onboard who are doing their first stent in command, so it’s a crapshoot as to a recommendation. The Master on Rappahannock has a more in-depth background, so I would recommend the Rappahanock. She’s a double hull vessel, and I am sure you will enjoy yourself on her. As for the LANT ships (Grumman, Arctic and Supply), I have no idea as to where or what they are doing. Hope you enjoy your cruise.

CMA_decky,<br><br>I sailed with MSC and had more than a few cadets in my brief time with them. Don’t worry so much about what ship you are getting. I understand wanting to get overseas, I think you should try, but don’t stress about getting a “good” ship. Some advice to you; don’t do the minimum, MSC gets enough cadets that just work during the week and if they have to work more than 8 hours they whine like pussies.<br> <br>Two, become friends with the second mate and get on his watch. The 2/M with MSC has an inordinate amount of power and he should be able to help you the most by learning all the voyage planning. Standing watch with the 3/M’s is ok, but they don’t have that much experience to pass on and CMA will take care of making you a 3/M<br><br>Three, get involved in all the UNREPs, VERTREPS, boat ops, etc. Don’t just walk around with the cargo mate, get involved. With MSC you will get the chance to handle the ship, probably, don’t turn it down, if the Old Man asks do you want to maneuver the ship during an MOB drill take it and if maneuvering a ship to her maximum doesn’t make the hair on your neck stand up, get the hell out of the industry.<br><br>You are there to learn and hopefully have a good time and get ashore to see some sights and have a few cold ones. But, life with MSC is much easier than life on a commercial ship, don’t forget that. As a cadet with MSC the entire 90 days is considered an interview and a good eval from the old man can help you get your first job out of school.<br><br>Oh, try and get an oiler, so you can get your PIC. That opens a lot of doors, even though an oiler has almost nothing in common with a commercial tanker.

Well I’m going to be on the USNS Rappahannock. I’ve been told that it’s WESTPAC somewhere, no idea when I’m going toleave but it should be a great time.

Stop having so many expectations CMA, and just enjoy it for what it is…10 years from now, you’ll wish you had relaxed and enjoyed this time a bit more. As Kingfysh already said, get up early, be curious, get in on the action, enjoy it for what it is.<br><br>That my friend, is a no sh#$%er!

CMA_Decky, you never told us how this went!?