MSC Commericial Cruise

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I ended up going on the Guadalupe and I had an absolute blast! The ship I was on spent all three months going in and out of Pearl Harbor. The crew was all super friendly and at points it seemed like the were arguing with each other over who would get to teach me how to do something. The captain for the first two months made sure that I was on deck for every UNREP and by the end of the cruise they were putting the yellow helmet on my head and having me send the rig over. Up on the bridge I got to take the conn a lot. We spent three days doing ASW exercises with other ships. LOTS of maneuvering expierience (also managed to give me a healthy mistrust of the squid boat jockeys).
If anyone is looking to go with them for com cruise I’d reccomend doing anything in your power to get on a west coast ship. It seems the general trend with my friends was that everyone that went east coast MSC didn’t enjoy it and everyone on the west coast had a great time. Apparently the west coast ships have a more laid back atmosphere that fits the casual maritime attitude. Overall though I really enjoyed my time and was bummed that I had to get off and go to school.

Is that you cold steel?

I don’t think anyone called me cold steel. At least not to my face. Are you talking about Tom Steel?

Sorry I am terrible with names all I remember is that captain schwinn callled one of you cadets cold steel up on the bridge

Haha, I don’t remember, maybe it was Andy Warren? This is Bobby.

Ahh, the East Coast job’s aren’t bad… just a touch less “fun” than the Pacific gigs. Not my area of interest anymore but everyone should give MSC a try at least once in their career.

CMA this has nothing to do with your post but I tend to read everything on this site just because… It never fails to amaze me the information that is available to those who ask on gCaptain. I wish this site was around when I started sailing, It would have been nice to get the help and guidance from those who have been there. Just my thoughts… sorry to use this post to share em.

This forum and blog has definately helped improve my professional knowledge of the industry. Makes brown nosing the teachers that much easier <img alt="" src=“” />

Brown noser? You don’t possibly think that will go unnoticed and forgotten do you?…Happy New Year !

The East Coast ships are way too close to Norfolk and D.C., hence the case of the tight ass cheek strut. Anything within an hour or two drive, or hour or two plane ride of those two cities, and the relaxation dissipates incrementally.
Glad to hear you had a great time Decky! Now if we could just get you a port of call in Subic…

The stories the AB’s were tellin me… Oh well can’t complain about Pearl, weather was about as good as it gets.

They were probably all true…I always thought of Subic, as the Phillipines version of Disneyland, with an adult theme…

Their eyes did light up like when a six year old talks about Disneyland, same thing happened when they talked about Thailand.

One night in Bangkok… makes a priapism man, humble…

Oh, how I miss 80’s music…


Dont knock the NOB crowd, CSU-East (aka Norfolk Employment Agency) does its fair share to support the economy…not to mention, the fishing is good!!

MSC East is an extension of the welfare system.

I find it interesting that MSC is considered a “commercial” cruise.

Imagine CMA’s surprise when he finally does go out on a “commercial” cruise. Totally missed that, but it is something to keep in mind CMA_Decky.