Iberia Marine info please

Howdy all,

I got a call from Iberia Marine about a job. I don’t remember if I applied for a 100T captain position or a deck job (I will take anything at this point), it was some time ago. I would appreciate any info on this company including rotation, ballpark pay, good to work for etc. I was in class for my AB when they called so I need to try them back tomorrow. Any info is appreciated.

How long ago did you apply?

A Gulf boat company that calls you on the phone about your application is a lot better than most of them.

You said you would take anything at this point. Go. Work your ass off. Work your ass off twice as hard if it sucks and suck it up for six months. Then apply at better companies. You will have paid your dues.

That could go both ways…they could be desperate…

Right now Iberia and Comar are one company and rumor has it they merged with Texas Crewboat and they are in need of captains!! When Iberia and Comar merged, Iberia took the benefits that Comar had and stopped the benefits they had. Went from really good to really not good on the benefit side. A lot of the guys I have talked to said Iberia has gone down hill pretty quick. I know In a matter of 36 hours they had 10 captains walk off, to me that says something about a company.

If you want a job in the gulf it’s still a good company to start with and it’s a foot in the door!