Texas crewboats

Whatever you do don’t waste your time with this outfit. Called and offered me a job and told them I needed to give my current employer 2 weeks , so I do and a day later when I contacted them to get the rest of the details they inform me that they couldn’t wait for me to fulfill the 2 weeks and gave the job to someone else. No phone call on their part. The excuse that I was given was " the captain that quit didn’t give me 2 weeks so why should you do that for your boss". Complete bullshit.

Everyone I know that has worked for them says they are a Real Class Act. lol One Capt. that I know said they actually called and gave him a 2 week notice for Random drug Screen. AWESOME

That’s what I heard as well and upon talking to them that was the impression I got. Now my employer has me by the short hairs since I gave him my 2 weeks.

That really sucks. Good Luck with your search for a new for a new job.

Thats a bummer, I worked with a couple of their boats while I was working jackups about 6 months back while doing some work out of Freeport and even did a couple of crew changes on their boats. They seemed like a pretty squared away and professional outfit.