There's hope yet!

I’ve been out of work since the first of October. I have worked as a crewboat captain in the Gulf of Mexico oilfield for 2 years. I’ve applied everywhere. I had all but given up hope for getting an offshore job, and started applying to mediocre jobs here in town (Austin, TX) to tide me over until something comes up. Lo and behold I got an e-mail last Sunday in response to an e-mail I’d sent on 11/30/09! That’s over 2 months ago! I called up the company and arranged an interview for the next day. I drove over to Louisiana and got hired!

Y’all out there in the same sintuation, don’t lose hope. Keep slinging resumes. Eventually your name comes up. I’m making $25/day less than I was making before, but it’s still a whole lot more than unemployment! I head to work on Thursday :slight_smile:

Congratulations. May you be the first of many!

Great news! I hope it goes very well for you.

Just curious and if you don’t mind telling, who picked you up? Might help some other people on here.

:smiley: Congratulations Boboe,that has got to be a relief for you !

Never mind the small cut in pay,there are a hundred who would trade a lot more than $25.00 a day to stay working in their field of choice,instead of waiting for the phone to ring.

Best of luck to you !

I’m heading to work for Iberia Marine Services out of New Iberia, LA. It’s one of the smallish crewboat companies, with 6 boats in the Gulf oil patch. Apparently they were down to 3 boats working a while back and laid off some crews. They’re up to full speed again and needed to recrew the boats. I think the boat I’m going to work on has just signed a year contract.

Good for you!