Why are all the crew boats tied up

I’ve been applying in the g o m for 100 ton work.And then i talked with someone that said all the boats were tied up.They did not know why.Could this be the price of crude?Or as i have read because of foreign vessels?So are alot of boats tied up?Last i read about was big hurry to build up the fleet.OF course i can’t find anything recent on the web to read.All companies are advertising for 100 ton masters,any one know whats up…thanks…

[B][I]Hey arbus,I`t usually happens every year at this time,but this is the first year I seen it this bad.I work for a one boat company,got so slow they cut the wages in half for 2 weeks.either agree with it or get off,talk about a sick feeling thought I might have to go back to being an a/b.And as for getting a job,you pretty much have to be thier at the right time,and I would apply too the bigger companies,like chouest,hornbeck,etc.and have a resume handy.anyway good luck on your job searching[/I][/B]

thanks mad,how about texas crewboats over there in texas?does any company hire just for part time ?I have this other job that is seasonal aug thru dec and would really just love to run boats in the gulf in my off time…thanks…arbus…

[I][B]I filled out an online application with them awhile back,never heard from them,knew a couple guys that said they worked for them,said was o.k.guess the best thing to do would be fill out an online application,and send them your resume,then bug the hell out of them by calling.good luck![/B][/I]

Hey Fellas,

I just moved to Florida from Seattle not to long ago and I am looking for work in the gulf. I have been fishign crab and everything else up in Alaska for the last 15 years and Im tired of it. That and the markets just suck right now so the prices are way down and the $$$ is not what it used to be.

I would like to get on with a company down here. Id like to get into the OSV oil industry. I have a 100 masters 200 mates and a 1600 ton mates fishing plus all the STCW and radar stuff.

Anyone know who is hiring right now? I wouldn’t even mind fishing down here if there is something available.

ANyhelp would be great.

Good Sailing :cool:

hey ak,edison choset,hornbeck,tidewater,sounds like you got good paper shoudn’t be problem,what i hear it’s best to go over and meet the recruited.most companies start you out on deck until evaluated by captain…thats what i hear…I’m still looking,and not ready to give up on my lobstering just yet.although the price of lobster was horrible last season and if another comes along got to definately find some off season work…good luck…arbus…

Doesn’t look good so far this year.

Company I work for, just implemented pay cuts. Very slow work wise, if we can’t find jobs for the boats, then it’ll get worse. I deal with 20 or 30 brokers and the market is flat right now.

capn, george T,I read alot about foreign boats and the price of crude being major players in the slow down w/crew boats.maine captain said there is room for 100 tonners down here,just got to find the rite company?Do you own a crew boat company?what can brokers do for you? thanks…arbus…