Has anyone taken any Int. Association of Maritime and Port Exec. courses? They offer college credit for most course, and it seems like it’d be a great way to set oneself up for transition to a shoreside position.

Son is presently going for MBA in supply chain logistics. About 14 courses to complete it. Presently in marine finance portion as part of the program. His major was logistics at KP. Going through Liberty University. Hope this helps with your options.

I did 23 years at Old Dominion University after my 28 years in the USN. Retired fours years ago.

This program was developed while I was there, and might be worth looking into. ODU has several decades of experience with distance learning.

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An excellent course,ocnsir. Yes, he looked at that closely and was in the original long term plan after sailing that was cut short through no fault of his own…, Liberty was the most cost effective for the degree he was seeking which is very similar. He already works in the port managing the box ships. The port is behind him 100% in seeking higher education in his field. Can’t go wrong with either school and distance learning, which appears to be the future of our universities as of now.

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Thank you all for your input