College at Sea


<font color="#000000]As a non-college graduate, I’ve toyed around with the idea of completing my studies via distance learning. I know there are several institutions who specialize in our unique circumstances, but does anyone have exposure to this? I would prefer a BEng degree to coincide with my engineering profession. Fairplay recently had a card in their magazine through Lloyd’s Maritime Academy (UK) and the literature mentioned credit qualifications/transfers to several institutions, of which Open University (UK) was listed for undergraduate programs. While I do not plan on transferring shore-side, updating the résumé never hurt. Naturally most employers are concerned with the license first-and-foremost, but it is a fact of life that college education is beneficial. I am not seeking reimbursement from any employer for this, so that card is out of the hat.


<font color="#000000]No luck with the job search either. Apparently work through MEBA is impossible for a Group 3 at the moment. Or so one of their halls told me. It appears the OSV companies want OSV-experienced engineers. Same thing with the Offshore/Drillships. I’ve run across this with the tanker industry and their preference towards those with a PIC endorsement. The wonderful Catch 22 of the industry - experience/certification required, though only attainable through experience.</font>

<font color="#000000]Thanks for any input you can offer.</font>


I know for a fact the offshore companies care little about your previous experience and I assume the OSV companies would be glad to have an unlimited license aboard some of their larger boats.

As far as the online class thing goes, I’m currently taking my Master’s Degree online. Can’t say it’s much fun but it’s doable IF you get on a ship with an internet connection. I think having a degree will do little for you in terms of advancement at see… you’d be better off spending the time really learning the job if this is your goal. What a degree is great for is if shipping ever takes a downturn and your out of a job you’ll have some options shoreside.



Although aimed at shore based guys, check out - they provide online distance learning for the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers…