Continuing Education

Hi all - I apologize if this was asked already. I had no luck on the search finding anything…

For those of us who didn’t attend a maritime academy, what options are out there for getting a college (bachelors) degree? Nothing in liberal arts, and preferably from a reputable institution. Thinking something along the lines of engineering or business admin - something valuable to take the sailing career to shoreside. The problem I am finding is that certain colleges that do distance learning require specific “Scheduled online attendance required”. Know of any place that understands what we do for a living? Somewhere knowing internet access is great - in port - and that’s hit or miss, maybe a week or more lapse while at sea. I thought there was a University in the UK that would work, but I can’t find the name or any info.

Thanks all-

Look into AMU (American Military University). I can’t attest to their understanding of what we do, but they were the ones providing a Degree based upon our participation in a program with GMATS and GMATS understood what we do.

I will be trying to turn my credits from GMATS, along with my Associates Degree, into a Bachelor’s and will let you know what I come up with.

Take a look at this.