International Transportation Management Graduate Program

I am very interested the International Transportation Management Graduate Program at SUNY Maritime but I have no previous experience or education in the maritime field. I do have a B.A. from SUNY Stony Brook in Environmental Design & Planning. My question, for whom ever can please help, is whether or not the Master’s Program would help me obtain a good job within the Maritime Industry, without having to go for the license? Would getting the Shipping Brokers certificate as well as the Supply Chain Management certificate on top of the Master’s make a big difference? I am trying to get a sense of what I would be capable of with this advanced degree with no previous undergraduate experience.

Does this forum still active???.No response to the above question since jan,14… why ? .Can someone pls help with very informative tips and response? i would be personally more than glad if there could be urgent response to this request .

I went there as grad license with a B.A. degree in a totally unrelated field.

No idea about non-license grad students though. For me there was no point in going there and graduating without the license… that would be like going to law school just to become an expert in theory but not to gain any experience in the actual practice of law.

Of course, unless you already have a license or are not physically qualified…

The value is any of the programs at SUNY Matitime is the license. You can wipe your ass with the degree and the diploma.

If you have half a brain you can graduate with a license in 2 years, and be hired right from the campus. Old grad students are more in demand than the regular cadet graduates.