How to remove " domestic only" from license?

Wuz up Wuz up G Captain !!! If anyone knows how to remove the domestic limitation, please let me know. If was told that all I have to do is file an application and request it removed from my license ?? I have 500gt near coastal and need to that removed to work in Brazil. Can this be done without taking celestial nav ?? Thanks for responses & Best Regards,


your license must say OCEANS.

Do you have a 500 GRT (Domestic Tonnage) NC with 3000 OSV ITC (Upon Domestic NC Waters) or a 200 GRT (Domestic Tonnage) NC with 500 ITC. How is it stated on your license and STCW? I assume you are talking about the part with the ITC tonnage endorsement. Anyway the Coast Guard won’t remove a restriction by being asked unless it was issued in error.

If there is a Domestic limitation, it could likely be because of a lack of STCW? My 200GRT/500 ITC does not have any domestic limitations, but I hold a valid STCW certificate showing Master 500ITC, AB and RFPNW…

It sounds like a restriction based on lack of STCW?..

[QUOTE=Conspearasea;35728]If there is a Domestic limitation, It sounds like a restriction based on lack of STCW?..[/QUOTE]

believe for the most part those working at the management or operational level capacity are limited to NC/domestic routes without the ocean endorsement…there may be exceptions between some flag states??

The domestic only refers to the lack of appropriate STCW certifications. An important one is the BST which must be the full course and not the shortened one. Many schools do not offer the short one any more but it used to be popular due to being cheaper. Like Conspearasea I hold a 200/500 license and there is no limitation.

Have you tried calling your local REC and asking them?

All the ITC endorsements (my 3000 OSV included) have been limited to domestic voyages only. (I have full STCW on my 500 so it isnt an STCW issue)