How to get into industry?

I am totally clueless! I worked about 4 months on cruise ship and want to get into merchant marine industry but i have only Ordinary seaman endorsement, have MMC, TWIC and STCW! Seems as people want someone with experience but how to get experience or Able body endorsement if is hard to get a job?
Any suggestions please? I went to Seaferers union and they said it would be hard without Able Body endorsement ! Please any suggestion is welclmed ! I am very flexible, can relocate and travel. Ready to start as wiper of course but just that first job is hard to get!
Thanks people

This probably isn’t what you’re looking for, but it isn’t difficult to find jobs on boats less than 100 tons, especially with your credentials. You can work towards an AB Special and 100 ton Master, while continuing to search for something you’re more interested in.

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Knee pads,


HEREs a TIP, don’t even bother!! GO TO DENTAL SCHOOL!!!

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Go back to the cruise ship job, use the sea time to get AB.

Thanks guys! Especially MrJangles ! I live at the moment in Houston Texas so exploring possibilities. There is school in Maryland where i had mine Coast Guard credentials and STCW. Now want to go more on sea. AAappreciate and will keep you posted if i get job soon…

Go back to the cruise ship, keep fraternizing with the passengers until you find yourself an old sugar-momma & get her to buy you a yacht.

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I think he should change his username to “the Pharaoh”

I dont want sugar mama !!!LOL !!! Also i am probably heading to ft Lauderdale and to go door to door search. I am relocating to Florida so i think Ft Lauderdale is good place to find ship job. Thank you guys ! Keep you posted

Do a search of the gcaptain forum for, “Big Ol’ List of Maritime Companies”. The list of companies is so big it had to be broken down into 3 posts. Alot of the companies have closed or merged but it shouldn’t be a problem finding a maritime job with you living in the Houston area. You can do 3-4 applications/interviews a day for a week without leaving your state if you are resourceful.

But if you do start in the industry & make it 15 years you’ll remember back to the free advice about dental school & marrying rich & you’ll regret not listening.

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ALWAYS marry rich.There is no better option or goal in life.

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I got it @Sand_Pebble but want to find my way to get rich… Want to save money with no bills to spend , so can invest in my own business … And for everything on land it takes too much time. But i appreciate your advice… And i dont want to start school now , i am in 30’s now… It would be awhile before i finish it ! LOL !!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I get that but not my goal! LOL

Call Houston Marine Training (713) 944-0966 and ask for Joyce. Explain what you want to get and they might be able to point you in the right direction. Be polite and they should be able to help you. Good luck.

@knothead Thank you so much!!! Even for just supporting me! I know i dont have much to compete with experienced sailors,Jjust MMC, TWIC and OS endorsement but right now also getting my EPA in Air condition, maybe that will help also !Thanks once more and safe wind !

Don’t goto dental school … goto HVAC school… I got a friend that owns a hvac company… pays journeyman $40+ he and Master techs $60+

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Does that come with a 360 degree view of water?

No but lots of OT so you can take a cruise for a vacation

I’ve been on 2 cruises to please my wife but having to step aboard another overcrowded floating hotel would be a deal breaker.

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cruise ships are scarier than hospitals.