Can somebopdy help or give me some advice?

I got my AB special endorsement last fall and have been trying to find work what seems like forever now. Its getting to the point of rediculous now . ive must have sent over 300 apps and resumes and nothing. Ive also got my 100 ton with radar endorsement as well. What am I doing wrong? I spent soo much money getting all of these endorsements and licenses and its not paying off one bit.:(:frowning:

In this environment there are 1600-ton masters working AB jobs, just to have a paycheck coming in. So now you have an entry level license and an AB special. You have now qualified for the bottom of the food chain.

At this point you might want to focus on getting on a boat that moves and provides a bunk and food. Don’t focus on pay. Focus on getting experience.

Your 100-ton license and AB special is comparable to someone out of college looking for work in their degree field without experience.

PMC is 100% correct on this. I’m not sure about AB jobs but 100 Ton unless you’ve had years under youre belt then your screwed. To work for now, focus on PAX Vessels or OS/Wiper positions. Its getting alot better than it was 6-9 months ago but we’ve still got a long haul ahead of all of us.

My advice is to put the word “YES” in your vocabulary. Any job… YES. Any where… YES. Whatever company… YES. Any time… YES. Once you get there you will become aware of that particular company and when they need an A.B. say… YES.

Once you have some experience then you can start to be choosy about where you work. I know it is really tight now, in this economy, but keep looking. Have you beaten the door down at Providence steamboat, Seaboats, Constellation towing in Boston? How about the newlondon tugs? (I forget their name, Interstate navigation, or thames towing) There’s about 4 little tugs operating out of New Bedford. go for a drive and park yourself on the dock. put your name out that way.

If your hvaing a Particularly difficult time, why dont you try a Maritime Staffing agency? Whenever I go looking for work I just Call up places Like Keagen and Keagen in New Orleans, Or Maritime headunters in Washington. They take a fee which is like 10% of what you would make on the contract which is a little steep but at least it keeps food on your table.