Need Help

Hello everyone…Need help…trying to break into this industry but I think I started off incorrectly. Unfortunately I found out the hard way that there were a lot of changes from the USCG within last couple yrs. The person who got me interested in the industry did not know. I went to sea school and took the AB class, passed, got my TWIC and MMD not knowing that I would have to start out as an ordinary seaman and that I should have done the STCW course also. My friend thought I would just need the MMD and TWIC to work at his company as an AB. Not the case per CG…said i needed seatime and STCW to become an AB…I just want to get with a company and get some seatime as an ordinary seaman which by the way all companies I’ve called and applied to aren’t hiring for that position. Any suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at thanks.

If you wanna find a job search in the Forums capt.Kelly Sweeney he is a maritime head hunter today he send me a Email,so i hope that he can help me,Good Luck in your search.:slight_smile: