New guy needing help

I’ve been commercial fishing for years and am now in school to crossover into the AB side. what I’m wondering is what is the MMC im trying to get. I don’t understand the fees and what i’m supposed to be going for. i have my seatime paperwork, TWIC card ready for pickup, and physical and whiz quiz in the works. I just don’t understand what the MMC is. any help would be appreiciated.

This website from the USCG National Maritime Center should have all the answers to your questions.

Good luck in your new career path…it is certainly better than fishing in the Bering Sea (especially in the winter)

In a nutshelll: You used to go to the CG and get a simple O.S. ticket and you could go get an entry level basic grunt job. But due to progress and intelligent decision making by most companies and the CG, that is no longer possible in most (but not all) cases.
The MMC (merchant mariners credential) is what used to be called a Z card. Except now as your career progresses ALL your licenses, endorsements, ratings, STCW, and any other ‘proof’ of your professional ability will be added to your MMC as you obtain them.

Do recall seeing some older mariners who had the nice license in a frame on the boat they were running? Now that frame-able license is replaced with the little passport sized MMC.

Ordinarily you are required to have at least one year seatime to qualify to test for the AB ticket. Since there are additional subjects that need to be examined (and the CG doesn’t do most of the practical anymore) you go to one of these schools for that part. Some of the sailors go there, since the school satisfies a few of the ‘days’ required also. This knocks off a week or so of the required time. But since you have years seatime that doesn’t apply to you.

thanks guys u have given me the info i needed. 2 more weeks then i will be able to send off my certificates to the REC. jobs r kind of tough to find right now , but from talking to guys in my classes already in the industry i will be seeing openings in february or march.