Two quick questions

hi all

I’m currently working as a surveyor/navigator on a site clearance vessel in the GOM.
It’s essentially a purpose built fishing trawler and we precision drag P&A’s for remaining debris. I operate the DGPS/surveying equipment and maintain the vessel’s operational logs and safety docs. My question is; what will this sea-time qualify me for? I’m getting zero deck time and really little helm time. Working 90-30 @ 12hr days is racking up days quickly but are the days good for anything?

Question 2; Does anyone have a link to a downloadable pdf of the Nav rules to put on my Kindle. USCG has disabled that page and only has an online version.

Thanks in advance

To the best of my understanding, unless your vessel has a manning certificate and you are filling one of the positions specified in that certificate (vis. you are crew and not an “industrial personnel”) then you are not earning specific sea time towards upgrading any seaman’s papers you might now have. However, if your vessel is uninspected and under 200grt, your seatime can be documented on a “Small Vessel Sea Service Form (CG-719s)”.


Ok so the answer to both of those howevers is Yes. So I can fill out the CG-719s and get the captain to sign it, correct? That time will then be usable if I move over to an OSV, earn some time and then upgrade?

of course, but small vessel time will be of little value when applying for any license of over 200tons however it may help you earn an AB rating and then you can start building larger vessel time as a seaman. It is still a long road to go but any credit for small vessel service is better than a poke in the eye with a pointy stick. Do you presently have an MMC and what is in it?

just an OS with BST

you should be able to get AB out of your time there if you already have the MMC. Just make sure to get that SVSS form done and signed before the end of the job! Going back to get it after the fact is a bitch.

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What company do you work for? PM me your eddress and I’ll email you a copy of the USCG ROTR Book.

This is the best explanation of sea time I have seen clarifying a question I saw in another thread.
For a day to count on the SVSS form you must be underway at least 4 hours. This guy I know was interpreting a day of sea service as a day worked onboard, even if not underway. A practice I disagree with, as all my days on SVSS forms have been those on which I was underway 4 hours or more. I can’t even begin to tell you how many days worked I had where we were underway 3 or even 3.5 hours that I did not count as a day for seatime purposes.

Thanks for the info guys.