Question on correct seatime forms?

Hello Guys, I called the Coast Guard REC they told me I can still use even though says expired. I got two letters from two different companies before I even found this form. they sent me just general letters stating my seatime with company type vessel etc. Is this good enough or do I need use form ? Tried calling coast guard again and she like I don’t understand what you mean you need our form signed. One last employed I gave the coast guard form too and they like I have fill out dates I worked there etc they don’t have them on file grrrrrrr . I mean was day boat sometimes 7 days sometimes 6 etc I’m just going estimate the days I worked wth them. Also is it true I need get new physical and drug test to upgrade from OS to AB? Thanks in advance

Personally, I would fill out the form as well. Just so you have your bases covered, but if the sea time forms are on company letter head and complies will reg, you should be good. You can email NMC and ask for sea time letter requirements (from a company), and compare that to what you have, and staple a copy of that email response to the sea time letters - provided the letters you have comply.
Watch-out about estimating days, you have to be exact…and don’t say you have 31 days of sea-time in a month, like February. REDFLAG.

…and yes, OS to AB is an upgrade, and will require new physical and drug screens. Your local REC will help complete your application.

Thanks for your reply

That’s the small vessel form. It’s only used for service on vessels 100 GRT and under.

I have lots of sea service from my past. I have some old sea time letters and some to track down. I used to hold an able seaman unlimited, which has expired.

My question is: should I be showing/giving the USCG all of this or should I just give them enough to get my six pack? I do intend to upgrade in the future, but at present I just want to get in the door.

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How recent was the expiration? They probably have all in your file. It is called your ‘Legacy File.’ your old seatime does not ‘expire’ you just have to have recent seatime to bring you up to date. But you will have to take the AB test again…

For the sixpak, I would think you would need the 90 days in the last 3 years, then proof of the 360 days should already be on record. you could call the NMC and ask about what is in your file. (Or Email) You should be able to get copies of your file from them to resubmit with a new application. But I think you have to pay for them by page.

All you need to show is 360 days total with 90 in the last 3 years.

If you had the seatime for A.B. Unlimited, you already show 36 months on the record. They don’t throw this info away, it is all in West VA at the new NMC.

I have an Indian mate who needs to renew his license, but India will only accept it of the company is registered with them. I need to put some RPSL number on it that no one knows how to get. Any ideas? It makes sense actually, to be able to verify sea time but why not just use the IMO number off the DOC that every company has?

And I have a Polish mate who doesn’t want my rectangle ship stamp in his book because Poland will only accept a round stamp?!!?

[QUOTE=Orniphobe;51680]And I have a Polish mate who doesn’t want my rectangle ship stamp in his book because Poland will only accept a round stamp?!!?[/QUOTE]

There must be a punch line in there somewhere.