How to get an STCW

How are you people getting your STCW??? I just completed the course and relized and went to the CG and they said I needed the navigation watch on a 200gt ship!!! What a kick in the b*lls!!! How can I get this watch to finish my STCW. I am an OS/AB kinda in the middle, if I get on a 200gt ship NO one is going to let some one on my level get in the wheel house to get this watch thing signed off. How can I finish my STCW???

May I suggest during your offtime hours go into wheelhouse and ask to steer.
Where I work AB’s must steer but OS’s are not required. If the OS can steer relieves the work load from AB’s. Then again a 200 ton boat may only require one person to steer and navigate for a normal watch.

A lot of tug company require STWC for// deck hands. my Question is will they accept my STCW bst certificates I got from the school minus the nav watch thing??

Jdizzle - If you already have a MMD card, then as an OS who has completed STCW BST and has the school certificates in hand you should be able to get hired on with that company. Companies should (and more and likely) do relalize that an OS can have the BST certs but may not have enough time or tonnage to upgrade to an AB. My suggestion would be to read up on the assesments required for RFPNW and if at all possible (no matter what the tonnage) ask the Capt to help you with the assesments (but DO NOT sign off on them). When you do get on a vessel with appr. tonnage, you will be more prepared to do the assesments with little if not no “learning curve” to complete them.

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what’s the basic general size of a 200gt?
is the measurement loaded or not?


The tonnage is listed on the vessel’s Certificate of Documentation, and the USCG has a formula based on the vessel’s dimensions to determine the tonnage.

There are a lot of rule beaters to keep the tonnage down so owners can run their vessels with the smaller crew requirements of vessels under 100 tons. Most crew boats in the oil patch are 100’ - 175’, and are just under 100 tons. There are some vessels just over 200’ that also are under 100 tons.

Hope that helps.